Fake Sony PS3 Controllers! Be Warned!

Posted: November 3, 2010 by sandsrules in Gaming, Hardware, Internet
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I’m a victim, and most people with replaced controllers are. You might not know it but there are so many third-party fakes out there. Most people buy controllers on eBay, Amazon or any other kind of Internet store. No matter how trusted you find online shopping, or even physical shopping in stores, you must be aware of fake tech peripherals sold for such low prices. In fact, RRP’s on devices can seem realistic but actually are not. The fake controller I bought from eBay looked like a genuine RED DUALSHOCK 3 controller. It worked for about 2 weeks until the 3.50 update came out. Then it seemed that my PS3 could not recognize it. I’m aware that there are fake controllers out there, but It had the original packaging, a suitable price and the seller was “TRUSTED”. After contacting the seller, they told me it was an “OEM” when that was utter bullshit. In fact you should avoid “OEM” crap.

So if you wanna know if your controller is fake you should notice any of these:
1: The sticker on the back is merely paper, not metallic. The sony official ones come with a very hard to remove sticker on the back.

2: There will be a screw under the metallic sticker. If there is no screw under the sticker then it most probably is NOT a fake, but if there is a screw…bad luck pal :-(

3: Shake the controller very lightly. If the action buttons (such as X and O) shake then it is a poorly made fake controller.

4: If you open the inside the battery should be a large gray plastic battery held by two plastic clips. If the battery is a small cheap one stuck with sticky tape or a glue, it is obviously a fake.

How to be aware and protect yourself from a RIP OFF

1. Contact the seller before buying to make sure it is Genuine. Most sellers repeat use of the words “Brand New and Sealed” but there are no words such as “Authentic and Genuine” so do not be put off by “NEW”

2. Make sure that you have buying protection when buying the product.

3. Upon opening, carry out the precautions stated above.

Thanks for reading…and always make sure you know the source you buy ANY controller is a reliable one that can accept refunds.

-Sandeep Chowdhury

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